Our Animals

Meet our amazing animals. Our animals our extremely important to us. They are part of our team and we make sure they have a fantastic life. We have 5 ponies, 4 alpacas, 8 guinea pigs and a range of dogs belonging to our staff. You will meet them all through our activities.

The Ponies:

George: George is 24. He is 13 hands in height and quite a character. He likes to make sure we all know he is the boss but tries to hide his softer side where he will put up with cuddles all day!


Rosebud: The mother hen of the group. She is 20 years old, 13.5 hands and very bonded with George. George leaves the day to day management of the herd to Rosebud and she fusses and worries about everyone! She is very pretty and she knows it and is a very sensitive little pony.


Nutmeg: Nutmeg is nearly 30. He is 10 hands. He likes his own space and keeps himself to himself. He can be quite shy with adults but he adores children and is the nicest pony in the world!





The Minis:

It’s hard to separate these two. They have been together since they were 5 days old and they are now 6! Pumpkin is the white pony and Strawberry is the red coloured pony. They are 36 inches tall. Strawberry has had some health problems but has got through some bad times and even some hospital stays with her sister firmly by her side, They are inseparable and share everything, including a stable!


"Strawbs & Kinny"


"The Brothers"

The Alpacas:

The boys are now 3 years old and we have had them since they were 10 months. They all look different to us but it is hard to tell them apart if you don’t see them regularly and so they have ear tags in to help identify them. They are half brothers - the same Dad but different Mums.


Atlas (no 4): The oldest by a month, Atlas is the boldest and will put up with the occasional cuddle. Most alpacas are not keen on being touched but Atlas doesn’t mind.


Ariel (no 9): A confident alpaca. He is often stood behind Atlas if there is anything that the herd needs to check out. He doesn't mind his neck being scratched but usually on his own terms!


Indiana (no 8): Indi is the shy one and Ariel is quite confident.


Bob (no 10): Bob is very laid back and you always know him because of his crazy hair and beautiful thick fleece (in the winter).


They live out all year round with a big field shelter and can’t help being nosy! They have to know everything that is going on!

The Dog Team:

We have 6 dogs on our team. Maisie is the original team member and works every day! She is a black Labrador and the sweetest nature. Mishka and Samba live together and are rescue dogs. They came from Romania.


Duggee is a Labrador and is 18 months old. A big lad who is full of fun and super clever! Lainy is a greyhound. She loves nothing more than to sleep! She has a designated space on the sofa and moves only when she has to. And finally Flynn who is a young red setter. He is being trained but still has a few crazy moments.



The Guinea Pigs:

We have 8 Guinea pigs! They live a life of pampered luxury in this stable next to our horses. Erica is the newest addition to the family and our other girls are called Puggesley, Pip, Tuppence, Dora (the explorer), Olive, Hazel and Pam. They are always busy and particularly love their feed times.


They also get very excited when we clean them out looking for new treats that we put in for them. Spend some time with them watching how they live and function together. Work out who is the boss, who is the troublemaker, who gets most of the food and who is the most confident!


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