Who are we?

Wilshire Equine Assisted Learning is a small not for profit company in Wiltshire. We have been running for about 10 years. Our day to day work is offering education and therapeutic activities through interactions with our animals and the outdoors. We aim to help people to build confidence, develop their social communication skills and to develop self awareness and coping strategies. We are a team of professionals including teachers, a registered nurse, counsellor and psychologist as well as having skills in animal care and outdoor learning.


We work mainly with children and young people but over the last year started running a weekly group for people with dementia and their carers offering them the chance to meet up together for company, enjoy some time with the animals and to be outside, as well accessing support and advice from our team. We love our time together but unfortunately due to Covid19 this face to face activity has had to stop for now.


We temporarily moved all of our activities online for our younger learners and this has been very successful. We offered live sessions and lots of activities to keep us connected but this still meant that our group for people with dementia could not access our normal programme and this gave us the idea for this website.


With some help with funding from the National Lottery we will be able to offer you something quite different. We hope you will connect with us and watch our videos, take part in our sessions, learn new skills, access advice and support on a range of well being topics.


This website is for anyone who is feeling alone for any reason. Join us every day for something new, meet the team of people and animals and know that we are out here ready to link with you!

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